• David Devlin

Online Store Launching & Other Exciting News

Since launching Altered Image Photography (AIP) in April of 2016, this website has served mainly as a vehicle to publicly display examples of my work as a photographer. However, it is now time to utilize the capabilities of this site for more ambitious goals to expand this small business.

First, AIP is proud to announce that an online store will launch March 31, 2022. On that date a group of select images will be available for purchase in a variety of formats including digital and physical. Physical purchases will have the option(s) of purchasing a single print itself or the print with matting and framing. Several other print options will be made available. The store will be created through Wix.com which is the platform the website has been created. While the selection of images posted for sale in the store will be limited and rotated monthly, any and all images on the website are available for sale. Images not available in the store can be purchased by contacting me directly through the website. More information on the store will become available in the weeks leading up to launch.

Second, AIP will begin to offer select photography services beginning in May 2022 for our customer base located in SE Pa. These services will include Portrait, Headshot, Press or Business Branding photography. Examples of my work in these areas will be posted on the website. You will be able to book sessions online or by contacting me through email or by phone. More information on these services will be made available in the weeks approaching their launch date.

Thank you to all who have supported my photography journey and I look forward to being a more active member of the business community in SE Pa.

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