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January has come and gone. And now we are in the middle of February as my 5th “Project365” begins to take shape.

To be frank, January and February are tough months to produce material. Especially considering I made the decision to keep this project focused on street photography. And I am doing this type of photography in a suburban area of Philadelphia.

In other words I am trying to do street photography in an area in which there is not a consistent flow of activity in the streets. In suburbia people tend to keep most of their activities inside until the winter weather breaks. And right now this part of the country still has about a month and a half of winter weather still to play out.

Small towns are not generally a treasure chest of street subjects. Yet, I have been able to produce some competent work. And I am HAPPY with the start!

Phoenixville has been the area I have leaned on this winter to make street shots. I was born and raised in that old steel town. And over the last 20 years or so it has seen a great deal of revitalization. Especially in the downtown district where there is no shortage of bars, restaurants, eclectic boutiques and various other businesses and services which suit the town nicely.

Pottstown and Royersford are two other small towns I have captured work in. Both towns are showing signs of revitalization as well, but not yet on the scale of Phoenixville. As the weather breaks and people start wandering outside more, I expect to see an increase in subjects and moments to capture in all three locations.

And until then I will remain in the street observing and anticipating.

You can view my work from the month of January on the “Gallery” section of the website. I will post work here at the conclusion of each month. If you would like to follow my work daily follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Links to each are located on the home page of the website.

And if you do, please give me a “follow”.

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