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Two months down and 10 more to go!

Seems daunting. Especially this early into a year-long project like this. However, this is my 5th ride with this exercise, and I couldn’t be happier with the results so far.

Now, I am not claiming each photograph is an award winner. Not by a long shot. But I can feel myself rounding into shape.

I made the decision to keep this particular project focused on Street Photography. And you need an edge when shooting in the street. It’s not like shooting a landscape or a stationary target where you have time to decide what your camera settings need to be or from what perspective would capture it best.

Nope, no time for a well thought out plan of action.

In the street you never know when a subject might appear. You have to anticipate where you can find some activity in the street. And those subjects you spot, those opportunities you think are worth firing the shutter for? Well, those subjects are in motion and those opportunities that look great can be gone before you raise the camera to try and capture them.

You are also dealing with the elements. It's cold. Sometimes rainy and windy. You also are dealing with lighting issues. Your subjects can move from light to shadow or the opposite. It can all make for some frustrating moments and lost opportunities.

But when you get it right, all is well!

But with each passing day I can sense myself having better anticipation. I have a good idea of whether or not I want to be standing, sitting or crouched down. I’m also doing a much better job of blending into the background, so I don’t make myself look to obvious. Not everyone likes having their picture taken. And in most cases, you don’t want them to know you are trying to make a photograph of them.

So, what’s to come the rest of the year? I have no idea.

All I do know is I believe the project will continue to evolve as I get more and more comfortable in the street.

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